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The All India Imams Council is the common platform of the Ulama and Muallimeen(Religious Scholars, Prayer Leaders and Religious Teachers) in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) has positioned the role of Ulema as descendants of prophets. It means that they have to play a leading role in guiding the society in the light of models set by Holy Prophets. The All India Imams Council is an organisation for the social cause of developing and empowering the Indian society, particularly the Muslim community. It attempts to unite Ulema from all schools of thoughts and jurisprudences and intends to put their joint efforts for a better future of the community and the country. While respecting all different thoughts and opinions within the limit of Islam, All India Imams Council will take a neutral and impartial position in matters in which Ulema are permitted to take different positions. This organization will not prohibit its members from working in other Ulema or other organizations that are within the framework of Muslim Community.



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